Cultural tours (Kulturreisen)

Cultural tours (Kulturreisen) are tours for cultured clients, who are interested in gathering the greatest possible amount of knowledge on the historical monuments, culture, music, sights and natural beauties of Slovakia.

Suitable for: larger and smaller groups, as well as individuals

Advantage: variety of visited destinations, different types of art, natural beauties, more comfort

Offer of cultural tours (Kulturreisen)

Slovakia’s Cultural Treasures


The most valuable works of art, architecture, fine art, the most attractive sights and natural beauty.

Cultural tour


Košice European Capital of Culture 2013

The region and town on the frontier of European cultures

Cultural tour


The Beginnings of Christian Slovakia

The aim of this tour is to become acquainted with the period of the 7th to 12th centuries, when Central Europe, which lay between the Frankish and Byzantine empires, was stabilizing and the historical, territorial and cultural foundations of present day Slovakia were created. The 1,150th anniversary of the arrival of Christian missionaries, Cyril and Methodius to this territory in 863 is the perfect occasion for become acquainted with them. These brothers and saints are worshiped as co-patrons of Europe. 2013 will definitely be a good year for visiting Slovakia.

Cultural tour


Quest for the History and Culture of Germans

The monuments to architecture and fine art created across seven centuries by communities of “German guests” are preserved on the territory of present day Slovakia, formerly, the northern part of the Hungarian Kingdom. They belong to the most beautiful and noteworthy contributions to the cultural heritage of Europe.

Cultural tour

Mining towns and anti-Turkish fortifications of towns, castles and manor houses

Cervany kamen  stianvica

Important mining towns with precious metal wealth and the border of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which for hundred and fifty years ran through the half of the Kingdom of Hungary, were the prominent topics of interest for Europe of the 16th and 17th centurie. Even today they belong to the greatest sights of the historical and cultural heritage on the territory of the current Slovakia.

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