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Group tours

Group tours (Gruppenreisen) are tours for groups with similar interests, focus, and way of perceiving things, whose members wish to gain either general or expert knowledge on the historical monuments, sights, music, culture and natural beauties of Slovakia.

Suitable for: larger groups – teams from one working place, company journeys, colleagues, clients or guests, societies, associations, foundations, interest associations, clubs (Rotary, Lions), religious organizations, educational institutions, groups of pedagogical staff and students, etc.

It is also possible to connect several smaller groups with similar interests for gaining knowledge.

Advantage: In accordance with the overall interest of the group it is possible to choose among the type  cultural tours (Kulturreisen)  or type  study tours (Studienreisen) , create combinations of cultural and study tours, or, in cooperation with our travel agency, to completely tailor the tour including the chosen destinations and number of days. Within group tours we offer the possibility to include also the visit of monuments in the neighbouring cultural areas (Krakow, Olomouc, Estergom).

All tours from our offer may serve as an inspiration, but it is also possible to propose different thematic tours, or, on the contrary, a very varied tour. As examples beyond the standard offer we may mention historical themes, historical events, buildings and artworks by type (e.g. rural architecture), by period or by author groups, architects, workshops (e.g. the Vienna building guild), religious organizations, following the traces of the families, e.g. the Thurzo – Fugger family, following the traces of “German guests”, Romans, Celts, Turks, Slavs, exploring the history of science and technology, music, natural beauties, national parks, mountains, micro-regions, folklore, crafts, trekking etc. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to include the visit of monuments in the neighbouring cultural areas (Krakow, Olomouc, Estergom) into the tour.