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Our travel agency makes extra efforts to ensure an adequate level of provided services. In advance we carefully check the quality of the offered services related to accommodation, transport and catering. We can provide access to place and objects, where a regular tourist nowadays has difficulties to get to. Thanks to the careful listening to the wishes of our clients, detailed knowledge of Slovakia, highly professional knowledge related to the theme of the tour and a good local knowledge, our clients end up with unforgettable experiences and wish to use our services again.


The basic services provided on each tour.

Professional/Expert guidance

Each of our cultural as well as study tours is guided by a renowned art historian. S/he applies the several years of experience also into the setting up of each journey. S/he is also the expert guarantor of the guest speakers and participants of the discussions. As the author of the comprehensive Illustrated encyclopaedia of the monuments of Slovakia admits, he based his compilation on the interest shown by you – our clients.

Simplicissimus Reisen guarantees guiding of the tour by usually two persons. The expert guidance and commentary is provided by one person, the technical-organisational aspects are provided by the other one. Therefore, our client can pay maximum attention to the perception and commentary, while being the least disturbed and delayed by organisational activities. Thus, the intensity of sensations and experiences increases. Such management allows us to offer sightseeing of exceptionally large number of sights.


Our travel agency usually provides bus service from the point of departure along the route of the tour and back depending on the programme of the tour. The most common point of departure is Vienna. Exceptions are usually group tours and VIP tours, for which we provide complete transportation after agreement (i.e. transportation from the desired location). Thanks to our stable reputable bus operator we offer high-quality and reliable transportation. In an array of vehicles of German producer we transport different numbers of customers (from 3 to 60). The vehicles are excellently maintained and treated exclusively in branded service stations. Cultured and helpful drivers are a necessity.


We accommodate our clients in double and single rooms at three/four star hotels and guesthouses. However, the number of stars doesn’t play such a big role, we choose such, which besides having a high standard have some spirit, style, atmosphere and are romantic in a way.


Breakfasts are served as a part of the accommodation in the hotel (guesthouse). We offer other catering in carefully chosen, personally tested catering establishments, stylish and varied like chateau restaurants, shepherd’s huts, hunting restaurants, wine cellars, refectories in monasteries, etc. We choose the meals from local specialties, alternatively from European cuisine, as well as vegetarian meals. Special diets can be arranged in advance, when signing in for a tour.

Following the daily schedule, all parts of the programme are fast and well organized in the interest of the participants, including the lunch break. To ensure a smooth course and not to be delayed by individual choices and orders, the lunch is in principle provided by the tour organizer (menu chosen by clients). In this sense we offer full board, or simpli-half-board, i.e. breakfast and lunch. On the contrary, the dinner after the demanding daily programme can be enjoyed at ease.


Duration of the tour

Standardly a week - seven/eight days
Usually starting on Saturday, arrival to the point of departure (Vienna railway station), meeting the clients, bus transfer to  first accommodation place. Further days according to the programme of the tour. On the last day comeback to the starting point.

Accelerated - four days
Start usually on Thursday (early morning), arrival to the point of departure (Vienna railway station), meeting of clients, bus transfer to  first accommodation place. Further  days according to the programme of the tour. On Sunday night comeback to the starting point.

Individually, under agreement

For Group tours and VIP tours particullary.

Additional services provided by our travel agency like transportation to less accessible places are specified in particular tour offers.